Fixa Diane Krugers fashionfrisyr!

Diane Kruger är en av mina nya stilförebilder! Alltid så snygg och välklädd och precis rätt. Bellasugar har fixat en guide till hur du fixar hennes supersnygga firsyr som hon hade på modevekcan i New York igår. Måste prövas!

  • Blow-dry hair and apply a light/medium hold shine gel when your hair is about 80 percent dry. Continue drying using a brush to create texture.
  • Part your hair to one side (left or right – you choose). Next separate your fringe area. Do this by taking a chunk of hair from the parted side that has more hair, starting at your hairline, and going about two to three inches (right around your ear area). The hair you are gathering now is the hair that will be twisted later, so make sure you have a decent amount. Repeat this step on the lighter side of the part.
  • Pull remaining hair back into a low-slung ponytail on the opposite side of your part. So, if you parted your hair on the left side, sling the ponytail back to the right.

    For the rest of the instructions, read more.

  • Now we twist. Take one fringe section at a time (leaving a few pieces out to frame your face) and lightly roll back into your ponytail. Affix the rolls to your existing ponytail with an elastic band or bobby pins in a color that matches your hair in blonde, brown/black, or auburn. Pin any loose pieces on into the twist, if needed.
  • Finishing touches: Use your fingers to soften any hard edges. Finish off with a light/medium hold hair spray.

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